Our Spring 2022 issue features new poetry from poets in Taiwan as well as the great work of our general contributors!

Download this issue here:  Atlanta Review Spring 22

Table of Contents

General Contributors

        • Daniel Blackston, Fall Flowers
        • Polly Brown, Local Woman Tours Watershed on Stationary Bicycle
        • George Burns, The Coupe de Ville and the Burro; Plants in Tough Places
        • Peter Carroll, Winter Garden
        • Elizabeth Crowell, Horses I Have Known
        • Holly Day, Never Buy a Goldfish Together
        • Heather Dobbins, Shanty Folk Hoe-down
        • Rebecca Edgren, Letter to J.H
        • Monica Fields, Bottle Tree
        • Linda Fischer, What Survives
        • Aryk Greenawalt, Kudryavka
        • William Heath, The Dutch Masters
        • Karen Luke Jackson, Shedding Lies
        • J.M. Jordan, Overlook Park; Cypress Point
        • Gunilla Theander Kester, Coming Home
        • Lance Larsen, Into the Dark
        • Carol Levin, Rash Ablaze
        • Lina Marino, Kick the Boot Whips
        • Forester McClatchey, Anecdote of the Stool; The Golden Hour
        • Andrea Michalowsky, Ta ye za ow za yem ta. // I am you and you are me
        • John Moessner, Significance
        • LeeAnn Pickrell, Period; March
        • Antonia Pozzi, Threats; Fable (trans. by Amy Newman)
        • Kathryn Pratt Russell, Ellegy for My Father
        • Peter Serchuk, Still Life with Heron and Egret
        • Stuart Sheppard, The Coffee Goddess
        • Sarah Dickenson Snyder, Without Regret
        • Frankie A. Soto, Baseball Has Been Called God’s Heaven
        • Lenora Steele, The Trouble with Sourdough
        • Annie Stenzel, “House moving, ‘rained out’”
        • Jack Stewart, Fiddle-Leaf Fig
        • Kareem Tayyar, A Dream of Snow; Metaphysics
        • Marilyn Talal, Jews in the Bronx in World War II
        • Stephen Scott Whitaker, Riding in a Cart on Top of a Cart
        • Nancy White, When Susan B. Anthony Was President
        • George Witte, Found
        • Yi Tal, On a Mountain, Written Upon Departing a Checkpoint; Leaving Lee (trans. by Ian Haight)
        • Hannah Yoest, Latticework

Taiwan International Contributors

        • Lee Kuei-shien, Listening to the Sea; Taiwan Island; Monologue by Lighthouse; My Taiwan, My Hope; Love Song from the Sea; Sunset Glow; Fishing
        • Lin Wu-hsien, As Seagul Sees It; Shoes; The Person in Dream
        • Chuang Chin-kuo, About Conscience; The Coral Reef of Takao;  Ruins
        • Catherine Yen, If, Earth; Seeking a Dream to Embrace You
        • Chang Te-pen, You Think; In the Dressing Room; Fort San Domingo
        • Li Yu-fang, Hobe Fort; Hobe Old Street; The Voyage of Island; Lamentation of the Taiwan Deer
        • Hsieh Pi-hsiu, Sculpturing Life; Life of Bamboo Chair; Sea view Rock; Love River
        • Lee Chang-hsien, Coffee of the Heart; The Internet; A Poet Makes Pottery, The Dairy Cow Inside the Iron Fence; The Pact of the Sea
        • Lin Lu, Color of the Rose; The sound of the sea; In Your Name; Mother, illiteracy
        • Tsai Jung-yung, Camera; Photography; The setting sun on beech
        • Chen Ming-keh, The Ships in Dock; Conveyor Belt; Dark Night; If You Were Real, Taiwan
        • Lin Sheng-bin, The Tamsui twilight, Departure
        • Tai Chin-chou, Singing a Song at the End of My Life; The Nostalgic Nile; Darkness;
          Island and Sea
        • Chen Hsiu-chen, Tamsui Sunset;  The Book of the Sea; Seabirds; In your hug; Memory Puzzles
        • Tu Tung-men, There Will Be Poetry
        • Chien Jui-ling, At the gateway to a dreamscape; Heat; Tamsui Night Scene
        • Yang Chi-chu, The Riverbank Scenery; Fort San Domingo; Tamsui Fisherman’s Wharf;  The boat and us
        • Wang Yi-ying, Before you finish reading the poem, do not think of me purely