Current Issue

Table of Contents

Artifacts, Kristin Berkey-Abbott
Son Salutation, Kristin Berkey-Abbott
What We Do, Michele Bombardier
Taps, Bill Brown
My Mother, Bill Brown
Living on the Light, Mark Burke
Birding in Belize,  Edward Derby
Half-Moon by Daylight, John S. Eustis
Truck-Stop, Jukebox, Jailhouse Rock, John Field
The Hill, Laura Foley
For My Teenage Daughter, Jennifer L. Freed
Defining Iron, Sophia Galifianakis
A Father’s Day Card for the Elephant of the Bastille, Adam J. Gellings
Pho, Questions for My Father, Megan Gieske
Guardian of the Night, Pamela Hammond
Above and Below, AE Hines
Garter Snake, Judith Hoyer
The Long Song, Rob Jackson
Aphantasia, Rob Jackson
First Date, Marilyn E. Johnston
Whore, Julie Kane
Remembering my last conversation with my mother, Kelsey Ann Kerr
Clarity, David Salner
Carnival, Christopher Warner
What If Lot’s Two Married, Richard Widerkehr
Daughters Had Escaped: Forty Years Later, Richard Widerkehr

International Feature: South African Women
Introduction, Phillippa Yaa de Villiers
At Sea, Myesha Jenkins
To my fractured language, Jolyn Phillips
Continuities, Makhosazana Xaba
Reincarnation, Busisiwe Veronica Mahlangu
Katie had children, Ronelda Kamfer
untitled, Vangile Gantsho
Betel-nut, Francine Simon
Wait Till the Rain Stops, Joan Ryan
Yellow Dress, Mthunzikazi Mbungwana
Wick, Siphokazi Jonas
Check the Oven and the Stove, Mavis Smallberg
Staying Abreast of Things, Selome Wellington
First flush, Karin Schimke
Rain drips from our bodies, Napo Masheane
Love letter to the woman who sucked my boyfriend’s dick, Lebogang Mashile
Dressage, Genna Gardini
Nanni-ma, Francine Simon
untitled, Vangile Gantsho
Needles, Busislwe Veronica Mahlangu
The woman who gave her name, Lebogang Mashile
Memorial to a comrade sister friend, Myesha Jenkins
The process of Wuthu: the purification of the body before prayer, Shameelah Khan
Part two: The mouth, Shameelah Khan
Part three: The nose, Shameelah Khan
Part six: The feet, Shameelah Khan
Loss laboratory, Karen Lazar
In War, Busisiwe Veronica Mahlangu
Shaun 1, Ronelda Kamfer
Dop system, Jolyn Phillips
A Hungry Stomach Has No Ears, Jackie Mondi
half-life, Phillippa Yaa de Villiers
Burn, Mandi Vundla
Fire-flood, Sarah Godsell
Before all of this started, Makhhosazana Xaba
I’ve come to take you home, Diana Ferrus
in chains, duduzile zamantungwa mabaso
Nongqawuse and the New People, Sarah Godsell
In response to seeing an African woman abba a dog on Facebook, Connie Fick
Taped beak, Karin Schimke
In your silence, Makhosazana Xaba
Phantom, Karen Lazar
This is another poem about your face, Arja Salafranca
these tears, duduzile zamantungwa mabaso
#Taglines, Mandi Vundla
Recycling, Genna Gardini
morning, duduzile zamantungwa mabaso
Bone Rhapsody, Siphokazi Jonas
To my children, Connie Fick
My grandmother’s hymn, Mthunzikazi Mbungwana
Loose change, Connie Fick
Evening Peace Sanctuary Robben Island, 2007, Mavis Smallberg