Atlanta Review, an international, award-winning poetry journal based in Atlanta, Georgia, has been published biannually since 1994. Since the founding editor, Dan Veach, retired in 2016, Atlanta Review has been spearheaded by Editor Karen Head and Managing Editor JC Reilly, and has relocated to a space at the Georgia Institute of Technology.

We publish all kinds of great poetry; we do not subscribe to any particular “school.” We read and admire lyric, narrative, experimental, form, free verse, prose poems, and any other kind of poetry. To get a sense of our journal, read some back issues, check out links to specific poems from our Past Issues page, or better yet, subscribe.

Our mission is very clear and has been since the inception of Atlanta Review– “We publish poems, not poets.”   This means that we read submissions without any identifying material in the file or file name.

Our Fall Issue is our contest issue—read more about the submission guidelines.

Our Spring/Summer Issue is guest edited with poems curated from living poets in specific regions or countries in the world.

Need to reach us?

      • Address:  Atlanta Review, Suite 333, 686 Cherry St. NW, Atlanta, GA  30332-0161
      • Email:  atlantareview [at] gatech [dot] edu