Twenty-Fifth Anniversary

Spring/ Summer 2019

Table of Contents


      • What the Eye Lets Go, Lorna Crozier
      • The Unexplained, Margaret Blackwood
      • The Lake, Robin Skelton

Ireland #1   

      • The Errand, Seamus Heaney
      • Monteverdi Vespers, Sinéad Morrissey
      • Bonfire Makers, Martin Mooney

The Carribean

Great Britain

      • Greek Island Triolets, Wendy Cope
      • Mother Scrubbing the Floor, U.A. Fanthorpe
      • The Gift Horse, Jamie McKendrick


      • The desert tastes yellow, Peter Horn
      • Our Fathers Flirt with War, Kelwyn Sole
      • the return, Robert Berold


      • Lavender Ink, John Tranter
      • The Moonlit Creek, Dorothy Hewett
      • There are places they won’t go, John Kinsella   

Latin America


      • The Anatomist, Arthur Ginsberg
      • The Spring, Yang Jian


      • Farewell, Miguel Anxo Fernán-Vello
      • Intimate Liquid, Olga Novo
      • My Keeper, Ana Rosetti


      • An Inherited Memory of War, Stephanos Papadopoulos
      • Greek Grammar, Roger Green
      • Last Words from Elpenor, Christopher Bakken


      • Neslihan, Vincent Czyz
      • Summer Rain, Nâzım Hikmet
      • Istanbul at the Periphery , Kim Fortuny


      • Illusory Village, Khalil Al-Asadi
      • Croaking, Abdul Kareem Kasid



      • at a borders, Ernst Jandl
      • promises, weathered, Achim Wagner
      • in wendisch-rietz, Jan Wagner


      • And Behold, Simin Behbahani
      • My house is cloudy, Nima Yushij
      • A List of Names, Partow Nooriala


      • The Lemons, Eugenio Montale
      • Threnodies, Antonella Anedda
      • Chameleon, Rosita Copioli


Ireland #2

      • Oileán Thoraí, Thomas French/ /Tomaso Frinseach
      • Traits, Tadhg Russell
      • The Turning, John F. Deane



      • Two pictures, Shamshad Abdullaev
      • The Room. January 1stIrina Mashinski
      • Postcards in a Bottle, Dennis Novikov


      • Pathway, Carol Ann Duffy
      • The Hinds, Kathleen Jamie
      • Dog Otter, Jackie Kay

New Zealand

      • we dreamed her, Jiaqiao Liu
      • Plunge tectonic, Ivy Alvarez
      • City Rise, Alison Wong

South African Women

      • In war, Busisiwe Veronica Mahlangu
      • This is another poem about your face, Arja Salafranca
      • Part 6: The feet, Shameelah Khan
      • Wick, Siphokazi Jonas

Poetry 1994

      • Now, Since, Charlie Smith
      • Mother at 75, Derek Economy
      • Baptism with Water Moccasin, Claude Wilkinson

Poetry 1995

      • Listening to Poetry in a Language I Do Not Understand , Naomi Shihab Nye
      • Baptist Hymns, Anita Skeen
      • Psalm: God of the Syllable, Mark Jarman

Poetry 1996

      • Lilting, R.T. Smith
      • Children in the Church, Susan Blackwell Ramsey

Poetry 1997

Poetry 1998

      • Homing, Charles W. Pratt        
      • After a Miscarriage, Harriet Brown
      • El Panadero, Mark Brazaitis

 Poetry 1999

Poetry 2000

      • The Twins, Rachel Hadas
      • Aftermath, Sandra Meek
      • The Problem with This Poem, Stan Sanvel Rubin

Poetry 2001

      • Downpayment, James Kirk
      • Eve Learns the Word Want, Ann B. Knox
      • Miss Josephine March Writes to Indiana Jones, Amy Dengler

Poetry 2002

      • Elegy for the Native Guards, Natasha Trethewey
      • Endangered Species, Alice Friman

Poetry 2003

      • Drinks Her Fill, red hawk
      • Hymn to Restaurants, Jason Koo
      • After Dad’s Death, Barbara Daniels

Poetry 2004

      • Explaining the Orchestra, Carol V. Davis          
      • Ryoanji: An Assay, Jane Hirshfield

10th anniversary issue

Poetry 2005

      • It Is Time: A New England Pastoral, Laura Foley
      • Third Month Abroad , Jeff Crandall

 Poetry 2006

      • For the Sensualist, Alexandra Oliver
      • The Photographer’s Wife, Lola Haskins
      • Goodnight Silents, Jesse Lee Kercheval

Poetry 2007

      • Extinct, Albert Goldbarth
      • Self-Guided Tour, 1987, Turner Cassity
      • Main Street, Milky Way, Arthur Smith

 Poetry 2008

      • Revelation: Shatterings at Canterbury,  Nathalie Anderson
      • Trees in Flame, Maria Terrone
      • How to Write a Sad Poem, Jeff Worley

Poetry 2009

Poetry 2010

      • What the Traveler Knows, Kathleen Balma
      • Alleluia, Rebecca Baggett
      • Virginia Reel, Devon Brenner

Poetry 2011

      • Smelling Light, Jeanne Wagner
      • The Woman Who Feels No Fear, Susan Cohen
      • Cradle Moon, Mary Kipps

Poetry 2012

      • Riding the Waves, Nancy Terasaki
      • when i was seven it was a very hot summer, Marcia Popp
      • Selling Sorrow, Becky Gould Gibson

 Poetry 2013

Poetry 2014

      • The Gorge, Kerry Shawn Keys
      • It is day again, Tatiana Oroño
      • Musical Soup, Joyce Meyers

Poetry 2015

Poetry 2016

      • Survivor’s Guilt, A. Molotkov
      • From Warsaw, In Summer, to Whomever Is Listening, Cecilia Woloch
      • How to Wash a Body, Maureen Tolman Flannery

Poetry 2017

      • The Old Guitarist (Picasso, 1903), Alan Sugar
      • Nasreen’s Story, Mary Makofske
      • My Mother Considers Her Death During Cocktail Hour, Gregory Djanikian