Poetry 2022

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Table of Contents

General Contributors

        • There’s Always a Thought Beautiful Enough, Megan Alyse
        • The Marriage, Laura Isabela Amsel
        • Ecdysis, Ellery Beck
        • MV Golden Ray, Jaycee Billington
        • The Dead Leaf Said to the Green, Muyaka bin Haji al-Ghassaniy
        • The Chickadees Are All Up in Our Feelings, Sarah Carey
        • Good Luck/Bad Luck, Lane Chasek
        • Pilot, Adam P. Davis
        • Mimosas, Andrea Janelle Dickens
        • When Love Drifts, Pamela Dillon
        • Stealing the Watermelons, Sara Dudo
        • Eidetic Missions, Lily Anna Erb
        • Geranium Red, Cathryn Essinger
        • Day of the Eased Out, Kris Falcon
        • Misappreciation Under Lockdown, Kris Falcon
        • Pipeline, Jennifer Manske Fenske
        • Mud Season, Lew Forester
        • Cat. Window. Bone., Jennifer L. Freed
        • Inwood Hill, John Hamel
        • The Hammer & the Dance, Morgan Hamill
        • Flipping the Mattress, Hunt Hawkins
        • After Life, Paul Johnson
        • The Tongues of Trees, Paul Johnson
        • Mother Nettle, Nicole Flaherty Kimball
        • Autumn in the crook of a hill, Kirsten Kinnell
        • A true account of talking to a brown recluse spider, Merie Kirby
        • Operation Sail, 1976, Julian Koslow
        • Heaven Is Empty, Tara Lobovich
        • Back to the Source, Emily Light
        • North Country Pastoral, Emily Light
        • The Truck, Olivia McClure
        • Prayer for Protesters, Devon Miller-Duggan
        • Pale Irises, Michael S. Moos
        • The Ochre Halo, Greg Nelson
        • Santa Ana Lake Off the 91, January Pearson
        • Carolina Catechism, Eugene Platt
        • The Invitation, Marjorie Power
        • First Language Acquisition in Bats and Humans, Rebecca Poynor
        • Portents, Jeremy Rock
        • While You Sleep, Kelly Rowe
        • Cross Creek Road, Katherine Smith
        • Imaginary Paintings, Michael Spence
        • After the Death of Your Father, Garrett Stack
        • The Truth of the Skinny Fox, Kenneth D. Stephens
        • Above Lake Abant, Eugene Stevenson
        • Designer, SM Stubbs
        • Oversight, SM Stubbs
        • Envy, Ann Weil
        • Roberta Cleopatra Flack c. 1973, Ellen June Wright
        • Rainbow Beach, Michael Yusko

Dan Veach Prize for Young Poets

      • Introduction, JC Reilly


      • Each Day I Press My Ear to the Ground, Edwin Williamson


      • Poetry 2022 Prize Introduction, Steven Reigns

Grand Prize Winner

      • It’s Ok to Worry about the State of Britney Spears’s Mental Health, Elizabeth Knapp


      • Mistranslations of a Borges Poem Found in a Book by Joseph Conrad, Stevens Amidon
      • Love and the Postwar Tango, Stevens Amidon
      • Between the Clock and the Bed, Rhoni Blankenhorn
      • earthshine, Harley Anastasia Chapman
      • The Prayers of Mice, Grant Chemidlin
      • I regret I am not a Starfish, Hollie Dugas
      • How I Became a Flapper, Hollie Dugas
      • Worst That Could Happen, Therese Gleason
      • Southland Eulogy, Ellen Pauley Goff
      • Crepe Myrtle Pantoum, Norman Goodwin
      • Our House, P M F Johnson
      • Ode to the Natal Plum Bonsai, Sarah Kersey
      • Five Haikus from the Start of Spring, Hannah Lee
      • White Wife, Corinne Wohlford Mason
      • Chow Chow, karla k. morton
      • It’s hard to admit God lives in California, karla k. morton
      • Mwanamke ni Kuvimilia (A woman is to endure), Mitchelle Mukeli
      • Cloud Forest, Veronica Patterson
      • The Horse-Car Terminal, New York, 1893; photo by A. Steiglitz, Jennifer M. Phillips
      • Haibun for a Stud, Ivy Raff
      • Triveni Sangam and the Ancient Goodbye, vinode ramgopal
      • Salamander, Angela Sucich
      • Self Portrait as Homestead, Jeri Theriault
      • daughterless, Tanya Tuzeo
      • “There’s some mighty good water in Tennessee”, Isi Unikowski